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Driving growth in innovative sectors and emerging markets

BH Holdings is a group of companies and brands owned or backed by Bassim Haidar

Haidar is an entrepreneur, executive, and global business leader.

Founding his first company at just 20 years old, Haidar now leads a multi-sector conglomerate which operates across the globe, with revenues of over $1.6 billion.

BH Holdings’ mission is simple

BH Holdings believes in giving today’s pioneers the resources they need to realise their ambitions, provide better services to all, and drive economic growth.

This philosophy is at the core of all the investments and businesses managed through BH Holdings.

BH Holdings has a track record of growing companies across the globe

The company’s outstanding record of driving growth and improving financial inclusion across emerging markets is reflected in its diverse portfolio, which spans technology, energy, telecoms, fintech, logistics, and most recently, medicinal cannabis.

Whether it’s companies which Haidar has founded and grown, investments in the next generation of entrepreneurs, or funding ground-breaking research, BH Holdings is intimately involved in each and every venture.

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